Thursday, September 5, 2013


"Pirate" the lost rabbit from We3

pencil/brush sketch

"Bandit" the lost dog from We3
pencil/brush sketch
"Tinker" the lost cat from We3

 pencil/brush sketch

©Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.
Vertigo comics.

one of my favourite graphic novels i've ever read.
i really hope they make a live action movie of this.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Bad Hair Days... Feat Henry Mospeda...

took my friend henry's drawing and completely ruined it in photoshop
with cheap parlour tricks and lens flare...

henry's drawing

random WIP screen cap +reference images.

final screen cap.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Color Study after Craig Mullins

Warm up for my next gig.
color study after craig mullins.
his paintings always have such energy!
arggghhhh getting rusty...

some WIP.
using the Kusunoki Masashige statue
as a reference as well.
such an amazing statue...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Film Study from Avengers.
Hulk is me favourite!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beyond Earth Concept Finals

main character.
armour detail was inspired by heath ledger's
joker's shirt in the interrogation scene
in dark knight.
lil homage to D09 and Alien there as well...

the dragon...
it's got parasites growing on it
making the creature fiesty and very much angry
for no apparent reason due to the itch.
got that idea from neville page when he spoke about the cloverfield creature.

when i was doing this, the image for TDKR's bane had just been released by Warner Brothers and i was thinking of putting a muzzle on the dragon.
so that the audience or player can wonder
what sort of giant had put it on the great beast.
like some scope of imagination.

i thought that was so original until i realised that the gifted designers of
Harry Porter Movies had already done it with one of their dragons.
i only realised that when i bought the art book...

tunnelling beast.
with spikes growing out from the barnacles.
based on research on some animals with barnacles growing on em'.
must've been awful for the poor creatures...
i've had to wash em' of boats before
in a naval base...
just looking at all the tiny holes
makes my hair stand...

some concept designs i did for ButterBrains Entertainment
for a games pitch consisting of a main character,
a tunnelling beast and a dragon.

much thanks to Tang Chze Kang for the opportunity,
i'm lucky to meet many such like minded clients.
felt very much like a collaboration process
where different ideas were thrown in.

Beyond Earth © ButterBrains Entertainment and Tang Chze Kang

Beyond Earth Concept Thumbnails

3 options and pose for the client to choose for the final rendering...

the sci fi dragon that didnt make any sense... i try...

my 2 headed dragon...
wait that sounds kind of wrong...
actually it's got 3 heads...

my fave actually...
i kindda like this version of the dragon.
it has small lil sucker fish parasites thingy
on it's tail like how some sharks have em'...

Book Cover The Emperor's Prey

my preferred version.
background more desaturated
so that the central character "pops" out

with the title

back cover.

final client version.
more saturated colors
for impact.

full cover with spine.

By God's grace, some divine intervention and a little bit of luck,
i was approached by jeremy han a self published writer
to do an illustration cover for his book "The Emperor's Prey"

he had spent close to 2 years and 8 months to finish writing his novel
based on historical events about the emperor jian wen
and at the same time i had just left my full time gig
to venture into the great unkown world of freelancing.
thank God...

he had found my work on OIC,
so here's a big shout out to the founders of OIC,
Flee, Michael Mindflyer, Andrew Drewscape and all the talented members
for their efforts in keeping the local illustration scene so vibrant.

a big thank you to Ray Toh,for his ever patient guidance,
help and friendship during all the hurdles i met in the process.
thanks for listening especially.

and lastly to jeremy han for his trust, faith and friendship
in the creation of the illustration to his very precious "first born" novel.

The Emperor's Prey © Jeremy Han.

Wings of Silver Nerves of Steel

back in the 80's there was this cartoon called SilverHawks.
one of my many many favourites back in those days.
here's the opening song.

wished i could go back to those days.

SilverHawks © Warner Brothers.

Albino Alien

Fevered Dreams and Twisted Experiments
experiments and sandbox time done on random moments
when an idea or process hits often resulting in something funky...

in this case an albino alien.
this idea hit when i was listening to greg broadmore's interview.

when there was a Q and A about whether
he preferred dark or white chocolate.

and also cos i was reading one of the stories from blacksad.
about a story on racism even amongst animals
called arctic nation.

anyway random thoughts inspired this
so i dreamt of being chased by an albino alien.
most of em' aliens are black right?
and the whole ant colony thing...
there are black ants and there are white ants.
white tigers, polar bears, white dog, black dog,
white horse, black horse well you get the drift.

so are there any albino aliens?

Aliens © 20th Century Fox

Color Studies From Modern Masters

jj demo after nathan fowkes.

canon beach painting after mike hernandez.

liki lik after nathan fowkes.

coast town after nathan fowkes.

orthank tower after paul lasaine.

some color studies from painters i admire.
mostly from dreamworks studios.
there's just something about the colors
they use that make the paintings come alive.
good way to learn color scripts me thinks...

original artwork © to their respective owners.
please see link of some of the most amazing paintings around.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Opening Scene for Akira

i wished it was.
matte painting experiment done on a photo plate
provided by Ben T. thanks much.
wanted to show the contrast of birds flying away
while the fighter jets pilot their way
to fight for a lost cause.
hmmm inspired by the opening of AKIRA.
heard they gonna make a live action one...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Richard Guyot

personal project done in my spare time.
i've always been a huge guyver fan since secondary school.
imho viggo mortenson would be an excellent choice
to play richard guyot, a strong actor who can play
a protagonist and antagonist as well.
the guyver universe is created by yoshiki takaya.
David Cronenberg and eastern promises
had a huge influence in creating this image.
will update more perhaps.
archanfel, hamilcar barcus and aptom's on the way
so stay tuned.

Friday, December 10, 2010

RJ Paper Illustration

an illustration gig i did prior to school for a paper merchant
who happens to be a really nice lady.

Testing 1 2 3

game test gig...