Thursday, August 2, 2012

Albino Alien

Fevered Dreams and Twisted Experiments
experiments and sandbox time done on random moments
when an idea or process hits often resulting in something funky...

in this case an albino alien.
this idea hit when i was listening to greg broadmore's interview.

when there was a Q and A about whether
he preferred dark or white chocolate.

and also cos i was reading one of the stories from blacksad.
about a story on racism even amongst animals
called arctic nation.

anyway random thoughts inspired this
so i dreamt of being chased by an albino alien.
most of em' aliens are black right?
and the whole ant colony thing...
there are black ants and there are white ants.
white tigers, polar bears, white dog, black dog,
white horse, black horse well you get the drift.

so are there any albino aliens?

Aliens © 20th Century Fox

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