Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book Cover The Emperor's Prey

my preferred version.
background more desaturated
so that the central character "pops" out

with the title

back cover.

final client version.
more saturated colors
for impact.

full cover with spine.

By God's grace, some divine intervention and a little bit of luck,
i was approached by jeremy han a self published writer
to do an illustration cover for his book "The Emperor's Prey"

he had spent close to 2 years and 8 months to finish writing his novel
based on historical events about the emperor jian wen
and at the same time i had just left my full time gig
to venture into the great unkown world of freelancing.
thank God...

he had found my work on OIC,
so here's a big shout out to the founders of OIC,
Flee, Michael Mindflyer, Andrew Drewscape and all the talented members
for their efforts in keeping the local illustration scene so vibrant.

a big thank you to Ray Toh,for his ever patient guidance,
help and friendship during all the hurdles i met in the process.
thanks for listening especially.

and lastly to jeremy han for his trust, faith and friendship
in the creation of the illustration to his very precious "first born" novel.

The Emperor's Prey © Jeremy Han.

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